Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Eevee Into Espeon

Monday, September 14th, 2020 8:46 am

There are two ways to evolve Eevee into Espeon.

In the world of Pokemon, Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon, can be evolved into eight different pocket monsters (Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon).

Since Eevee can be evolved into so many different creatures, its evolution is handled in a unique way in Pokemon Go.

Here’s what you need to know about evolving Eevee into Espeon, Eevee’s Psychic-type Evolution.

Normal, Shiny, and Flower Crown Espeon (Source: SuperParent)

As reported by Eurogamer, if you’ve never evolved Eevee into Espeon before, you can evolve one quickly and easily by renaming Eevee to “Sakura” (without the quotation marks) before evolving it. However, this trick will only work once.

If you want to evolve another Eevee into Espeon after that, you’ll need to complete a few important steps, according to Pokemon Go Hub:

  • Make the Eevee you want to evolve into Espeon your Buddy.
  • Walk 10 km with that Eevee as your Buddy so that you earn two Eevee Candy (you earn one Eevee Candy for every 5 km you walk).
  • Evolve that Eevee during the day while it is still your Buddy.

Each time you want to evolve an Eevee into Espeon, you’ll need to complete these same steps all over again. While these steps may take some time to complete, they technically allow you to collect as many Espeon as you want! To learn how to evolve Eevee into Umbreon instead, check out our guide.

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