Pikmin Bloom: Collect Playing Card Decor Pikmin in May 2024

Monday, April 22nd, 2024 4:14 pm

A new limited-timed event is coming soon.

Pikmin Bloom players will have the chance to collect more than a dozen different Playing Card Decor Pikmin during a limited time event coming soon to the free-to-play mobile game.

The Playing Card Decor Pikmin event will run from May 1, 2024 at midnight local time until May 31, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. local time.

This event will allow players to collect Flower Card Decor Pikmin representing each card in the suit of Diamonds in a regular deck of playing cards, as well as a Joker. This means there will be 14 different Playing Card Decor Pikmin available to collect in all.

During this event, players will be able to complete Event Challenge missions for the chance to receive Diamond Cookies, flower petals, seedlings that grow into Purple, White, Winged, and Rock Playing Card Decor Pikmin, and other rewards. The reward a player receives for completing each mission will be determined at random.

Each time players make the flower at the center of the current Event Challenge stage bloom, they’ll be guaranteed to receive a Gold Seedling that will grow into a Purple, White, Winged, or Rock Playing Card Decor Pikmin.

As players collect Diamond Cookies, they’ll also be able to complete a series of Diamond Cookie missions that will be available during this event. Each Diamond Cookie mission will ask players to collect a required number of Diamond Cookies. Players can complete these Diamond Cookie missions to receive seedlings that grow into Red, Yellow, and Blue Playing Card Decor Pikmin, as well as Mii costume items inspired by Alice in Wonderland (like a jacket inspired by the Cheshire Cat).

Four of the virtual rewards players can earn by collecting Diamond Cookies in Pikmin Bloom
Source: Niantic

During the Playing Card Decor Pikmin event, players will be able to destroy “Bizarre” Mushrooms to receive Mystery Boxes that contain rewards such as Diamond Cookies and flower petals. Giant Bizarre Mushrooms will also appear in the game each weekend in May.

Finally, players who have reached at least Level 20 in Pikmin Bloom will have the option to purchase a Premium Event Pass in the game’s shop during this event. When players purchase this pass, they’ll receive extra seasonal Nectar each time they clear a stage in the game’s Event Challenge missions.

Plus, when players complete the fourth stage in the Event Challenge missions, they’ll be able to collect a Gold Seedling that will grow into a Playing Card Decor Pikmin in the color of their choice (Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Winged, or Rock). Players can also collect a bonus Gold Seedling after completing the 8th stage, the 12th stage, and so on, in multiples of four.

You can learn more about the Pikmin Bloom Playing Card Decor Pikmin event on the game’s website.

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