Pokemon Go Adds Pokemon Showcases to PokeStops

Friday, July 7th, 2023 4:14 pm

Players can compete against others to win in-game rewards.

As spotted by Serebii.net, Pokemon Go has a new feature called Pokemon Showcases.

According to the Pokemon Go website, the Pokemon Showcases feature allows players to participate in timed competitions against other players at select PokeStops.

Each Showcase competition will allow players to enter a Pokemon from a limited selection of eligible Pokemon, with the eligible Pokemon being selected from the Pokemon that are being featured in the game’s current limited-time event. This means the selection of eligible Pokemon will change as new in-game events begin in Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon entered in each Showcase will be compared against one another to select the winner.

For instance, during the game’s 7th Anniversary Party event (which runs from July 6, 2023 to July 12, 2023), players will be able to enter Squirtle in Pokemon Showcases. These Squirtle will be judged based on their size, with bigger Squirtle being better.

Source: Niantic

When a player enters their Pokemon into a Pokemon Showcase, it won’t actually “stay” in the PokeStop. That is, the Pokemon can still be traded, evolved, and more even after it’s been entered in a Showcase. Players can also switch to a different Pokemon throughout the Showcase period if they’d like to enter a different one. Once a player has entered a Pokemon into a Showcase, they can switch out that Pokemon for a different one even if they aren’t near the Showcase’s PokeStop in the real-world.

Each Showcase can support up to 50 Pokemon, but a single Pokemon can only be entered in one Showcase at a time.

According to the Pokemon Go website, as multiple players enter the same Showcase, each player be able to see where their Pokemon ranks against the competition “by checking the Leaderboard section on the PokéStop’s Showcase page.”

Source: Niantic

Once a Showcase ends, every player who participated will receive rewards, such as Stardust and experience points. The players that finish in the top three positions can receive better rewards, such as an Incubator or a Star Piece. Finally, the player that finishes in the top spot will receive an in-game medal.

You can learn more about Pokemon Showcases on the Pokemon Go website.

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