Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol Mixes Card-Based Gameplay With Physical Challenges

Friday, May 12th, 2023 5:28 pm

The tabletop game is available now.

Funko Games, the company behind tabletop games like Disney Kingdomania and Pan Am, recently released Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol, a tabletop game inspired by the Indiana Jones film franchise.

Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol is for 2-10 players with a recommended age of 7+. The team-based game challenges two teams to earn as many points as possible across three rounds, with each round having two phases: a Temple Race and a Daring Challenge. The Temple Race phase features card-based gameplay, while the Daring Challenge phase allows players to use props to complete physical activities.

First, the Temple Race will see both teams play Temple Cards as quickly as possible to form a path for their team to reach the golden idol in the center of the table or gameplay area. Each Temple Card has a number of colorful doorways positioned alongside the outside edges of the card, and each doorway features a symbol, such as a skull or spider.

Players can place Temple Cards next to each other if they have matching doorways. For example, two Temple Cards with yellow doorways and the arrow symbol could be placed next to each other so that the yellow doorways are touching to form a path.

Source: Funko Games

Once a team reaches the golden idol, they’ll collect a Score Token and draw a Daring Challenge card, triggering the start of the Daring Challenge phase. This card will contain instructions for the teams to follow, with each challenge utilizing some of the props that are included with the game. These props include a foam arrow, a foam spider, a foam whip, a thick paper blindfold, and a sandbag.

As a couple of examples, the “Idol Swap” challenge pits one player from each team against each other. One player will wear the blindfold and will use the foam arrow to try to protect the golden idol while the opposing player tries to swap it out for the sandbag.

The “Stay Out of the Light” challenge, meanwhile, asks one player to stand a set distance from the golden idol with their back facing it. A player on the other team will touch the golden idol and freeze in place. The first player must then use a mirror or the front-facing camera on a smart device to aim at their opponent and toss the arrow over their shoulder in an attempt to hit them.

Source: Funko Games

Teams will collect Score Tokens based on the results of each challenge. At the end of the third round, both teams will flip over their Score Tokens and total their points to see which team has the most. The team with the most points wins.

Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol has an estimated play time of 30 minutes.

SuperParent had the chance to go hands-on with Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol. While most of the game’s components feel rather sturdy (so long as they’re used as intended), we’re afraid the arrow could be bent or broken without much effort during an intense Daring Challenge. Similarly, we wish the blindfold was much sturdier, as it developed a noticeable crease down the center before we even put it on, though it didn’t tear. We recommend families use extra care when playing with these particular props.

Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol is now available for $22.99. Funko Games recently released two other Indiana Jones games for families: Indiana Jones Cryptic and Something Wild: Indiana Jones. You can learn more about these games in our previous coverage.

Disclosure: SuperParent received Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol for coverage purposes.

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