B-Kind Dolls Encourage Kids to Take Care of the Environment and Each Other

Thursday, November 18th, 2021 9:07 am

We checked out Hope, the newest doll in the line.

Earlier this year, Jada Toys released its line of B-Kind dolls for kids. While shoppers have lots of dolls to choose from as they browse the toy aisle, the B-Kind dolls are unique since they’re designed to be eco-friendly, and to encourage kids to look after the environment, other people, and animals.

The B-Kind dolls are packaged in reusable boxes made from recycled materials and soybean ink. Each box can be unfolded and used to create a “Kindness Board” where kids can display drawings, notes, photos, and more. Kids can also use the Kindness Board as a photo backdrop if they want to take pictures of their doll.

Each doll in the B-Kind line has her own personality and passion related to being kind. For instance, Koral is passionate about protecting sea life and removing plastic from the oceans, while Ivy is passionate about stopping bullying. The dolls come with accessories, as well as crafting materials that kiddos can use to create projects such as new outfits for the dolls and best friend bracelets (each doll has different crafts). Each B-Kind doll is 12.25 inches tall, and they have a recommended age of 6+.

When the B-Kind dolls were first introduced in summer 2021, five dolls were available: Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora, and Daisy. Now, in time for the holiday shopping season, Jada Toys has released a sixth doll: Hope. Hope is the leader of her school’s Kindness Club and her passion is helping animals and people.

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Hope is a deluxe release in the B-Kind line. Her box includes over 45 different toy and craft pieces, including a small figure of an adorable puppy that Hope has adopted (kids can name it). Other dolls in the B-Kind line come with fewer accessories and craft items. They also don’t include a pet.

Hope comes with multiple crafting projects to complete. The craft projects are packaged in labeled kraft paper envelopes so everything stays organized. Kids can create a DIY cushion for Hope’s puppy, a small fabric purse for Hope, paint matching outfits for Hope and the puppy, decorate matching pouches for themselves and for Hope using stickers, and create matching hairbands for themselves and Hope.

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While Hope comes with supplies for each project, families will need to provide a pencil (or other writing tool), scissors, and glue. Parents can help kiddos if they need help cutting things out.

Hope’s box includes an instruction sheet with details for each craft project, and kids can also watch videos for some of Hope’s crafts on the B-Kind Dolls YouTube channel. The craft instruction sheet also encourages kids to create more accessories and toys for Hope and her puppy by using items from around their homes. Plus, it features some simple tips for being more eco-friendly, such as turning off the lights when they’re not being used.

Finally, Hope’s packaging includes an adoption certificate for the puppy, where kids can write its name, birthdate and more.

Hope is now available for $44.97 exclusively at Walmart stores and on Walmart’s website. The other dolls in the B-Kind line are available to purchase exclusively at Walmart stores and on Walmart’s website for $29.97.

You can learn more about the B-Kind dolls on the B-Kind website.

Disclosure: SuperParent received the Hope B-Kind doll for coverage purposes.

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