What’s New in Video Games: May 2019

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 9:38 am

Team Sonic Racing lets families hit the track for some friendly competition.

As the weather heats up and the school year starts to wind down, there aren’t too many big-name releases hitting consoles and PC this May. Team Sonic Racing and Puyo Puyo Champions will let families have fun together, while Rage 2 is an M-rated title adults can enjoy when the kiddos aren’t around.

Team Sonic Racing
Rated E
Appropriate for: Kids who are comfortable with fast-paced gameplay

Team Sonic Racing is a colorful kart racing game that lets players hit the road on a variety of tracks — across multiple game modes — as multiple characters from the classic Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The game will let players choose from three different character types and customise their vehicles to suit their play style. Players can also work together with others as a team while they race. The game will support both single-player and multiplayer gameplay, with the option to play with other players online, or team up with friends and family in the same room via local multiplayer. Team Sonic Racing is the latest kart racing game starring Sonic and the gang. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed were released in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Great if your kids love: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Forza Horizon 4, other racing games

Puyo Puyo Champions
Rated E
Appropriate for: Kids who enjoy friendly competition

This latest installment in the popular Puyo Puyo franchise (which saw its first release in the early 90s) will allow players to take on friends and family in competitive puzzle battles. The gameplay challenges players to create matches of four-or-more “puyo” (orbs with eyes) of the same color by arranging pairs of puyo that automatically fall from the top of the screen. Players can create chain reactions by arranging the puyo in the right way.

Great if your kids love: Puyo Puyo Tetris, Tetris 99, Treasure Stack

Rage 2
Rated M
Inappropriate for young teens and children

Rage 2 is an open-world first-person shooter that takes players to “a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order.” This sequel to the original Rage from 2011 gives players access to a variety of guns, vehicles, and other tools that they can use to explore the world and take out enemies. Rage 2 has earned an M rating from the ESRB, with content descriptors for “Blood and Gore,” “Intense Violence,” “Strong Language,” and “Suggestive Themes.”

Try These Games Instead: Horizon: Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter: World

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Noteable kid- and teen-friendly titles are in bold.

Disclaimer: Release dates can change at any time.

Wednesday May 1, 2019

Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition, Switch

Crashbots, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Puzzle Herder, Switch

Thursday May 2, 2019

Duck Game, Switch

Venture Kid, Switch

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Switch, PlayStation 4

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, Switch

HexaGravity, Switch

The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse, Switch

Xtreme Club Racing, Switch

Giga Wrecker Alt., Switch

Black Paradox, PC

Friday May 3, 2019

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell, Switch

Shadows of Adam, Switch

Black Paradox, Switch, Xbox One

Gyro Boss DX, Switch

Purple Chicken Spaceman, Xbox One

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Xbox One

Giga Wrecker Alt., Xbox One

Tuesday May 7, 2019

Shakedown Hawaii, Switch, PlayStation 4, Vita, PC

Puyo Puyo Champions, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Brief Battles, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Reverse Crawl, PlayStation 4

Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey, PlayStation 4, Vita

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone, PlayStation 4

My Big Sister, Xbox One

Wednesday May 8, 2019

My Big Sister, PlayStation 4

Party Arcade, PlayStation 4

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1 – A Dreadly Business, Xbox One

Legend of the Tetrarchs, Xbox One

Woodle Tree Adventures, Xbox One

Thursday May 9, 2019

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, Switch

For the King, Switch

ASCENDANCE – First Horizon, Switch

Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey, Switch

Monster Puzzle, Switch

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Dragon Ball GT Goku [DLC], Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Lost Artifacts: Soulstone, Switch

Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 – Wastelands, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Doughlings Arcade, PlayStation 4

Pax Nova, PC

Yakuza Kiwami 2, PC

Friday May 10, 2019

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, Switch

Dragon Pinball, Switch

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Blazing Beaks, Switch

Reverse Crawl, Switch, Xbox One

ASCENDANCE – First Horizon, Xbox One

Super Space Serpent Secondary Edition, Xbox One, PC

DragonFangZ: The Rose & Dungeon of Time, Xbox One, PC

For the King, Xbox One

Tuesday May 14, 2019

Redout, Switch

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Evil Defenders, Switch

A Plague Tale: Innocence, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Rage 2, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Feudal Alloy, PlayStation 4

Darkwood, PlayStation 4

Devious Dungeon 2, PlayStation 4, Vita

Figment, PlayStation 4

Lost Orbit, Xbox One

Wednesday May 15, 2019

Undead Horde, Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

Quar: Infernal Machines, PlayStation VR

Devious Dungeon 2, Xbox One

Feudal Alloy, Xbox One

Thursday May 16, 2019

Bubsy: Paws on Fire, Switch, PlayStation 4, PC

39 Days to Mars, Switch

Castlevania Anniversary Collection, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Koral, Switch, PC

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition, Switch

Thief Simulator, Switch

Darkwood, Switch

Guilty Gear, Switch, PlayStation 4

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, Switch

Bartender VR Simulator, PlayStation VR

The Padre, PlayStation 4

Friday May 17, 2019

Steven Universe: Save the Light / OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes Combo, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Devious Dungeon 2, Switch

Dragon’s Lair Trilogy, Xbox One

Darkwood, Xbox One

Steel Rats, Xbox One

Molecats, Xbox One

Tuesday May 21, 2019

Team Sonic Racing, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Assassin’s Creed III Remastered, Switch

Resident Evil: Origins Collection, Switch

Resident Evil 0, Switch

Resident Evil, Switch

Resident Evil 4, Switch

Everybody’s Golf VR, PlayStation VR

Observation, PlayStation 4, PC

American Fugitive, PlayStation 4, PC

Killing Floor: Double Feature, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR

Slay the Spire, PlayStation 4

Skelly Selest, PlayStation 4

Dauntless, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Back in 1995, PlayStation 4, Vita

Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria, PlayStation 4

Virtual Virtual Reality, PlayStation VR

Fission Superstar X, Xbox One, PC

Wednesday May 22, 2019

The Last Door: Complete Edition, Switch, Xbox One

Back in 1995, Xbox One

Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God, Xbox One, PC

Thursday May 23, 2019

American Fugitive, Switch

TT Isle of Man: Ride On The Edge, Switch

Daedalus – The Awakening of Golden Jazz, Switch, PlayStation 4, PC

The Last Door: Complete Edition, PlayStation 4


Friday May 24, 2019

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition, Switch

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland, Switch, PlayStation 4, PC

Skelly Selest, Switch, Xbox One

Back in 1995, Switch

Super Tennis Blast, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Dollhouse, PlayStation 4

American Fugitive, Xbox One

Minion Masters, Xbox One

Bring to Light, Xbox One

Monday May 27, 2019

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats, Switch

Tuesday May 28, 2019

Crystal Crisis, Switch, PlayStation 4

Lapis x Labyrinth, Switch, PlayStation 4

OPUS Collection, Switch

Cricket 19, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Blood & Truth, PlayStation VR

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Layers of Fear 2, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Warlock’s Tower, PlayStation 4, Vita

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted, PlayStation VR, PC

Golem Gates, PlayStation 4

Unruly Heroes, PlayStation 4

The House in Fata Morgana, Vita

Wednesday May 29, 2019

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition, Switch

DayZ, PlayStation 4

DragonfangZ – The Rose and Dungeon of Time, PlayStation 4

Warlock’s Tower, Xbox One

Conan Unconquered, PC

Thursday May 30, 2019

Super Cane Magic ZERO, Switch, PlayStation 4

Outer Wilds, Xbox One

Friday May 31, 2019

PixARK, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Warlock’s Tower, Switch

Golem Gates, Switch, Xbox One

Trover Saves the Universe, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition, Xbox One

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