Pokemon Unite: How to Make Pokemon Hold Items

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 8:30 am

Each held item gives your Pokemon a specific boost.

Trainers, Pokemon Unite has finally launched on Switch, and it’s coming to mobile devices later this year! The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game allows players to compete with others in 5-vs-5 real-time Pokemon battles.

As you complete battles and missions in Pokemon Unite, you’ll receive different types of in-game currency that can be spent on a variety of items, from new Pokemon licenses (required to use Pokemon in future battles) to clothing items for your avatar and beyond. You can also purchase and collect “Held” items that can give your Pokemon specific boosts in battle.

For instance, the “Attack Weight” item will increase your Pokemon’s attack after it scores a goal, while the “Float Stone” will increase your Pokemon’s movement speed when you’re not in combat.

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Once you acquire one of these items, you’ll need to give it to your Pokemon to use its effect(s) in future battles.

Here’s how to give items to Pokemon in Pokemon Unite!

Before we begin, keep in mind that there are multiple ways to give held items to Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. We’ll show you how to change your Pokemon’s held items from the “Battle Prep” screen, but you can also give an item to a Pokemon through the “Item Box” screen if you’d like.

Press “X” on the game’s main menu.

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Scroll down to “Battle Prep” and press “A” to select it.

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Press “A” to select “Held Items.”

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This will open the item screen for the Pokemon you currently have “Favorited.” In our case, that’s Alolan Ninetales. Select “Give Items.”

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In our case, Alolan Ninetales is already holding a “Leftovers” item. If your Pokemon is already holding an item, press “A” to select it.”

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Now, select “Swap” or “Remove” to remove the held item from your Pokemon. If you choose “Swap” you can exchange the item your Pokemon is currently holding with another item from your inventory. If you select “Remove,” the item spot will simply become empty.

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If you choose “Swap,” you’ll see all of the items you currently own, and you can select the one you want the Pokemon to hold.

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If you choose “Remove” instead, you’ll need to select the empty item slot to give the Pokemon a new item to hold.

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When you first begin Pokemon Unite, each of your Pokemon will only be able to hold a single item. However, when you reach Trainer Levels 7 and 10, you’ll unlock additional item slots for each Pokemon, allowing them to eventually hold a maximum of three items.

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To learn more about Pokemon Unite, or to view the rest of our guides for the game, check out our previous coverage.

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