Pokemon Sleep Is Available Now on iOS and Android

Thursday, July 20th, 2023 4:04 pm

Players can track their real-world sleep to perform in-game research.

As spotted by Serebii.net, Pokemon Sleep has officially launched on iOS and Android devices. The free-to-play game allows players to track their real-world sleep in order to learn more about the sleep styles of different Pokemon species.

Pokemon Sleep introduces players to Professor Neroli, who asks for their assistance in researching different Pokemon sleep styles with the goal of filling up the game’s Sleep Style Dex.

Pokemon Sleep takes place on a series of colorful islands populated by a variety of different Pokemon, including Snorlax. Each week, players will work with the Pokemon they befriend to feed a different Snorlax and help it grow.

In order to research in-game sleep styles, players will need to go to sleep in the real world. Players can track their sleep by beginning the sleep tracking process in the Pokemon Sleep app and setting their mobile device next to their pillow. The game also supports the use of the Pokemon Go Plus + device, which can be used to track sleep rather than using the mobile device. (You can learn more about the Pokemon Go Plus + and how it can be used to play Pokemon Sleep on the device’s website.)

Once players wake up, they can stop the sleep tracking process and learn various facts about their last sleep session. They’ll also receive an overall “score” for their sleep session, with the highest score being 100.

The game separates each sleep session into three different timed sections or “sleeping styles:” Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering. Each day, players will be able to see how much of their previous sleep session matched each of these three styles.

A variety of sleeping Pokemon will appear next to Snorlax each morning, with these Pokemon having a sleep style that best matches the player’s own sleep style. For instance, if a player had a sleep session that was mostly filled with “Dozing” sleep, they’ll find Pokemon surrounding Snorlax that have a “Dozing” sleep style.

Players can tap these sleeping Pokemon to collect their sleeping “styles” in the game’s Sleep Style Dex. You can think of each sleep “style” as a different “pose” that the Pokemon can have while it’s asleep. For instance, players can learn about Bulbasaur’s “Sunbathing Sleep” style and Houndour’s “Stretching Sleep” style.

Each Pokemon has four possible sleep styles, so players will need to encounter the same Pokemon species multiple times in order to research every possible style.

Source: The Pokemon Company International

Each time players track their sleep, they’ll receive an in-game biscuit they can feed to one of the sleeping Pokemon to improve their friendship level with that Pokemon. Once a Pokemon’s friendship level reaches a certain point, the Pokemon will join the player as a new “helper” Pokemon.

Helper Pokemon can find berries and ingredients for players while they’re sleeping in the real world and throughout the day (each helper Pokemon has a limited amount of energy, which players can recharge by sleeping).

These berries can be fed to Snorlax instantly to slightly increase its strength and size, while ingredients can be used to cook dishes for Snorlax that will boost its strength and size even more. Players can cook up to three meals for Snorlax each day – once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.

After players track a sleep session, Snorlax’s strength and the player’s most recent sleep score will be multiplied to determine their overall “Drowsy Power.” The higher the “Drowsy Power,” the more wild Pokemon will be drawn to Snorlax to go to sleep, which will help players potentially discover rare sleep styles over time.

Pokemon Sleep allows players to use special “Incense” items while sleeping that have different effects on the game. For instance, the “Recovery Incense” will double the energy helper Pokemon will recover after players complete a sleep session.

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Players can also collect two kinds of currency over time: Sleep Points and Diamonds. Sleep Points are earned by sleeping, while Diamonds are a premium currency that can be purchased with real money in the in-game store. Players can also earn some Diamonds for free while playing the game. Both Sleep Points and Diamonds can be used to purchase a variety of items, like Biscuits and Incense, among others.

Finally, Pokemon Sleep allows players to become friends with other players and share things like their highest-ever Drowsy Power, their total time slept, and more with their friends (players have control over the kinds of information they share). Players can also collect Pokemon Candies from their friends over time.

While Pokemon Sleep can be played for free, the game also offers a premium Sleep Pass priced at $9.99 for one month and $49.99 for six months. The premium Sleep Pass gives players bonus Sleep Points after each sleep session, access to an exclusive in-game shop where they can spend their Sleep Points, and more. New subscribers can try the premium Sleep Pass for free for 14 days before being charged.

Pokemon Sleep is now available for free on iOS and Android devices. The game is rated 4+ on iOS and E for Everyone on Android.

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