Pokemon Presents: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, Pokemon Go, and More

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 3:10 pm

Check out these announcements!

During a recent Pokemon Presents video presentation, The Pokemon Company shared news about Detective Pikachu Returns, the upcoming downloadable content (DLC) for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, and more.

You can watch the full Pokemon Presents presentation embedded below, or keep reading for the highlights!

Pokemon Trading Card Game and Pokemon Stadium 2 – The Pokemon Trading Card Game video game and Pokemon Stadium 2 are now available to play through Nintendo Switch Online. The Pokemon Trading Card Game video game was originally released on Game Boy Color in North America in 2000, while Pokemon Stadium 2 was originally released on Nintendo 64 in North America in 2001.

Pokemon Unite – Mewtwo will be added as a playable character in Pokemon Unite, the multiplayer online battle arena game that allows players to compete in five-vs-five real-time Pokemon battles with other people.

Pokemon Go – Pokemon from the Paldea region of the Pokemon universe (the setting in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet) will begin appearing in Pokemon Go in September 2023.

Detective Pikachu Returns – A new video showed off some of the characters and Pokemon helpers players will be able to encounter as they make their way through this crime-solving video game. Detective Pikachu Returns will be released on Switch on October 6, 2023.

Mew & Mewtwo Are Coming to Scarlet and Violet – From now until September 18, 2023 at 7:59 a.m. PT, players will be able to enter the code GETY0URMEW in the Mystery Gift menu in Pokemon Scarlet and/or Pokemon Violet to receive a free Mew. Then, from August 31, 2023 at 5 p.m. PT to September 17, 2023 at 4:59 p.m. PT, players will be able to battle Mewtwo with the Mightiest Mark in Tera Raid Battles. If players defeat Mewtwo in one of these battles, they’ll have the chance to capture it.

New Details About the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – The Pokemon Presents presentation revealed new details about the two-part The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet on Nintendo Switch. For instance, in Part 2 of the DLC, called The Indigo Disk, players will be able to meet a group called the League Club and redecorate the group’s Club Room. Part 1 of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, called The Teal Mask, will be released on September 13, 2023. Part 2 will be released in winter 2023.

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