Pokemon Go Update: Battle Changes, Bug Fixes, and More

Thursday, October 29th, 2020 2:14 pm

Two helpful improvements have been made to the game's Pokedex.

Trainers, the latest update for Pokemon Go is coming soon to iOS and Android devices. Version 0.191 of Pokemon Go (known as Version 1.157 on iOS devices) includes some very helpful quality of life improvements, plus some bug fixes.

To start, this update removes the “switch” button from Pokemon battles, and replaces it with two Pokemon buttons that will sit on the right side of the screen during battles. These buttons represent the other two Pokemon on your current battle team. When you want to switch out your active Pokemon during a battle, you’ll be able to just tap the Pokemon you want to switch to, rather than being required to open a switch menu first.

In addition, this update will give players the ability to quickly bounce to a Pokemon’s Pokedex entry while viewing the pocket monster in their collection. Specifically, a “Pokedex” button will be added to each Pokemon’s menu screen, where options like “Appraise” and “Transfer” are currently located.

Speaking of the Pokedex, this update will also allow players to quickly view every pocket monster they own of a single species while viewing the Pokedex. For instance, if you’re looking at the Pokedex page for Pikachu, you’ll be able to tap the “See all” button to see all of the Pikachu in your collection.

In addition to these changes and improvements, Version 0.191 of Pokemon Go includes quite a few bug fixes. Here’s the full list, straight from the Pokemon Go support website:

    • “Fixed an issue that caused invited friends to be removed from a raid if all Pokémon in their battle party faint
    • Fixed an issue that caused the “Remove Friend” button to be cut off from the bottom of the Friend detail page on devices with certain aspect ratios
    • Fixed an issue that caused Adventure Sync to not work on some devices on Android 9 and below
    • Fixed a visual error that showed eggs to be incubating when tapping on them from the Egg menu, regardless of whether they were in incubators or not
    • Fixed an issue that caused the app to freeze when collecting Avatar items from Special Research rewards
    • Fixed an issue that caused wins to not be recorded properly in GO Battle League
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Best Buddy Pokémon CP boost to not be applied without first interacting with your buddy
    • Fixed an issue that caused the account linking option to be missing from the Settings Menu”

    To see all of the updates and changes included in this new update, head to the game’s support website.

    Brandy Berthelson

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