Pokemon Go June 16 Spotlight Hour: Everything You Need to Know

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 6:43 am

Numel is the star of this week's event.

Trainers, the next Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event is scheduled to take place on June 16 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time.

During that time, Numel will appear more frequently in the wild, and you’ll earn twice the normal amount of Stardust when capturing Pokemon. This Stardust bonus will apply to all of the Pokemon you capture, and not just Numel.

Numel is a Fire- and Ground-type Pokemon from Gen III of the Pokemon universe. It has a single evolution. In Pokemon Go, you can evolve Numel into Camerupt using 50 Numel Candy.

If you want to make the most of this week’s one-hour event, remember that you can activate a Star Piece to boost the amount of Stardust you’ll earn by 50 percent for 30 minutes. You can also activate an Incense, which will attract wild Pokemon to your location for the entire hour of the event. If you use an Incense, you’ll be able to participate in this Spotlight Hour event without even leaving the house.

Two more Spotlight Hour events will take place in June. On June 23, Clefairy will be the featured Pokemon, while Kricketot will have its time in the spotlight on June 30. In addition, a Solstice Event will kick off on June 19, and it will be followed by a Bug Out event that launches on June 26.

To learn more about Pokemon Go and some of its other in-game events, check out our previous coverage.

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