Pokemon Go Adds Spinda and New Shiny Creatures in Unexpected Update

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 9:18 am

Practice your curveballs if you want this Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has been updated with new field research quests for August, which ask players to complete certain tasks in exchange for in-game rewards. As Eurogamer reported, one of these new quests asks players to successfully land three curveball throws in a row while capturing Pokemon to receive a special reward (a curveball is achieved by spinning the Poke Ball before tossing it, so it takes a curved path in the air).

Source: Bulbapedia

The prize for completing this quest is the chance to capture Spinda, a new Pokemon that’s been added to the game. Spinda is a Normal-type Pokemon that looks a bit like a panda with spiral eyes.

Spinda is a special creature in the Pokemon universe, as each Spinda can have a different spot pattern. Pokemon Go’s version of Spinda is simpler; all of the Spinda players have encountered in Pokemon Go so far have the same spot pattern. However, Eurogamer said Spinda with eight different spot patterns will eventually be available.

Pokemon Go players on Twitter have also reported encountering two new Shiny Pokemon: Houndour and Snubbull. Shiny Pokemon are rare versions of the game’s existing Pokemon, which can be found at random during normal Pokemon encounters. When playere evolve a Shiny Pokemon, the “Shiny” state carries over into the evolved forms.

Even if you and your kids already have Houndour and Snubbull, make sure you tap on any of them you see in the future to see if they’re Shiny.

Happy hunting!

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