Pokemon Go Ace Trainer Clothing: Everything You Need to Know

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 8:40 am

Show off your battle prowess with stylish new avatar clothing items.

In December 2018, Pokemon Go gave players something they had been asking for since the game first launched in July 2016 – the ability to compete against other users in multiplayer trainer battles.

The battle system splits competitions into three leagues based on each Pokemon’s CP. In the Great League, only Pokemon with a CP of 1,500 or below can compete, while the Ultra League has a higher limit of 2,500 CP. Finally, the Master League has no limit, allowing all Pokemon to compete.

Players earn in-game rewards, like Stardust, for competing in trainer battles. Even if users don’t want to compete against other real players, they can still earn rewards by participating in training matches against the game’s three team leaders — Candela (Team Valor), Blanche (Team Mystic), and Spark (Team Instinct).

As users win multiplayer battles and complete training matches, they can earn special medals on their profile. With the game’s latest update, earning these medals has become a more important achievement, as new avatar clothing items and accessories will be unlocked as players earn certain medals.

Specifically, players can now unlock clothing items from three different outfits: Ace Trainer styles themed after the Unova and Alola regions of the Pokemon universe (seen in Pokemon Black and White and Pokemon Sun and Moon, respectively), and a Veteran outfit themed after the Kalos region (seen in Pokemon X and Y).

Some of these items are unlocked by earning the three levels of the Ace Trainer medal, which can be achieved by completing training matches against the game’s team leaders. Here’s a breakdown of these items:

Bronze Ace Trainer Medal

  • Earned by training 10 times
  • Unlocks Ace Belt and Ace Skirt

Silver Ace Trainer Medal

  • Earned by training 100 times
  • Unlocks Ace Boots

Gold Ace Trainer Medal

  • Earned by training 1,000 times
  • Unlocks Ace Vest

As Pokemon Go Hub reported, players can unlock the rest of the clothing items by earning the Great League Veteran, Ultra League Veteran, and Master League Veteran medals. Each of these is earned by competing in multiplayer trainer battles against other real players.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, players need to reach the silver stage on all three “Veteran” medals to unlock the remaining Ace Trainer clothing items. The silver medal can be earned by winning 50 trainer battles in a particular league. To unlock the items in the Veteran outfit, players need to reach the gold stage on each medal, which can be done by winning 200 multiplayer battles in each of the game’s three leagues.

You’ll need to win 600 multiplayer battles to unlock all of these new clothing items, so get started now if you want to refresh your avatar’s style for the new year.

Happy battling!

Brandy Berthelson

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