Lego’s 2022 Advent Calendars Are Available Now

Thursday, September 1st, 2022 9:51 am

There are five different themes to choose from.

The holiday season is still a few months away, but Lego is celebrating early by releasing its line of advent calendars for 2022.

This year, there are five Lego advent calendars to choose from. Each one is focused on a different theme, and will give kids (and adults) the opportunity to uncover a different surprise or small Lego build behind numbered doors. For instance, the Lego City advent calendar features a variety of Lego mini-figures, and it will allow kids to build things like a small Christmas tree, mailbox, and more.

Lego’s 2022 advent calendars are now available to purchase on Lego’s website and at other retailers. Here’s the lineup (the links will take you to Lego’s website):

Source: Lego

Lego City Advent Calendar$34.99
Pieces: 287
Age Recommendation: 5+

Source: Lego

Lego Friends Advent Calendar$34.99
Pieces: 312
Age Recommendation: 6+

Source: Lego

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar$44.99
Pieces: 292
Age Recommendation: 6+

Source: Lego

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar$44.99
Pieces: 334
Age Recommendation: 7+

Source: Lego

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar$44.99
Pieces: 329
Age Recommendation: 6+

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Top image via Lego

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