Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Check Out Wisp’s Willow Tree

Monday, August 24th, 2020 7:42 am

This premium item lets you bring the friendly spirit to your campsite or cabin!

Halloween is still a couple of months away, but Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is already starting its fall festivities with the release of Wisp’s Willow Tree, a new premium item that you can place in your campsite or cabin to have the friendly spirit Wisp come and visit.

Wisp is a recurring special character in the Animal Crossing franchise. For instance, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can help Wisp find the missing pieces of his spirit in order to receive a free in-game item.

Wisp’s Willow Tree costs 300 Leaf Tickets, and it will be crafted instantly if you decide to purchase it. From there, you can place the item in your cabin or campsite to have Wisp show up next to it.

You can tap on Wisp to talk to him, and you can tap him multiple times to see different conversations. Keep in mind that you may end up seeing repeat conversations as you try to view them all. Wisp’s Willow Tree will be available to craft for the next 56 days.

Check out our gameplay video above to see what the tree looks like at the campsite, and what sorts of phrases Wisp will say!

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