What’s New in Pokemon Go: January Research Breakthrough, Heatran Raids, and More

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 7:35 am

Here are some of the events we can look forward to in the first month of 2020.

Trainers, 2020 is officially here, and with a new month (and new year) comes lots of new events to look forward to in Pokemon Go.

In a blog post, Niantic, Pokemon Go’s developer, revealed a variety of events and updates that will take place throughout January 2020.

First, January’s Research Breakthrough will allow players to encounter Lapras that know Ice Shard and Ice Beam. This special version of Lapras will be available to encounter until February 1 at 1 p.m. PT. You earn a Research Breakthrough each time you complete at least one Field Research task on five separate days.

Next, the Adventure Sync Hatchathon event will take place from January 2 at 1 p.m. PT until January 16 at 1 p.m. PT. During this event, you’ll have a chance to encounter Pokemon wearing special party hats, which will hatch from Eggs as well as appear in the wild. You’ll also be able to receive Stardust, Rare Candies, and a Unova Stone if you walk the required distance during this event. We’ll make sure to bring you more details about this event once we know more, so check back soon!

If you’re into Raids, from January 7 at 1 p.m. PT until February 4 at 1 p.m. PT, Heatran, a Legendary Fire- and Steel-type Pokemon, will be available to battle in Tier 5 Raids, and there’s the chance to encounter its rare Shiny version.

Finally, in January, players can receive a new series of Special Research tasks in the Team Go Rocket storyline, which will give them a chance to rescue Shadow Moltres.

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Brandy Berthelson

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