Turbo Golf Racing Hits the Course in April

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 5:22 pm

The game was originally released in Game Preview / Early Access during the title's development.

Hugecalf Studios announced Turbo Golf Racing will be released in full this April, following the game’s initial release in Game Preview and Early Access. (Xbox’s Game Preview program and Steam’s Early Access program allow developers to release titles that are still being developed before they’re fully “finished.”)

Turbo Golf Racing offers a twist on the classic game of golf. Instead of using clubs and putters to hit the golf ball, players use a car to hit their ball and move it around the course. The game features multiple gameplay modes, including Race Mode (play as quickly as you can) and Golf Mode (move the ball to the hole in as few shots as possible).

The game allows players to try a variety of “Power Cores” that change their vehicle’s abilities. For instance, the “Sticky” Power Core causes the golf ball to stick to the player’s vehicle.

In addition to Power Cores, Turbo Golf Racing also includes missions for players to complete, cosmetic items that can be used to customize a vehicle’s appearance, limited-time events for players to participate in, and more in-game content.

Finally, Turbo Golf Racing has a “Seasons” system that allows players to unlock new in-game content during limited-time Seasons. The game’s launch in April will coincide with the beginning of Season 4, which will have a “Launch Party” theme and allow players to unlock 40 new items, such as “Bassline” and “Jester” car bodies and party hat wheels.

Turbo Golf Racing will fully launch on April 4, 2024. The game is currently available to purchase in Game Preview on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One for $9.99. It’s also available to purchase in Early Access on Steam for $9.99. Turbo Golf Racing can be played at no additional cost with an Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass subscription.

Turbo Golf Racing is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

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Top image via Hugecalf Studios, Xbox Wire

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