Toca Life: World Adds a Dentist’s Office for Kids to Explore

Friday, January 17th, 2020 7:47 am

The premium add-on can be unlocked by visiting the in-game store.

Toca Life: World is a free-to-play sandbox game for kids that gives littles access to a variety of items and characters, and lets them have fun using their imagination. The game is frequently updated with optional premium add-ons, which unlock new areas to visit and items to interact with for a one-time fee.

The game’s latest add-on, Dentist, lets kids visit a dentist’s office called “Fun Gums.” The add-on can be purchased for $0.99, and it includes one new area to visit (the actual dentist’s office) and five new characters to play with.

Once you unlock this add-on, the dentist’s office appears in the Pom-Pom Peaks area of the in-game map, right next to the Ice Skating Rink from the “Ice Skating Village” add-on, if you’ve purchased it.

The office is split into three different areas: a waiting room, a patient’s room (complete with an exam chair), and a lab. These areas are full of interactive items, like toothbrushes and flossers, a water fountain, a radio, a microscope, and much more.

While kids are free to play with the characters who appear inside the dentist’s office, they can also bring in other characters from their collection for even more creative play.

Check out a few minutes of gameplay in our video above to see more of what this add-on contains.

Toca Life: World is available to download for free on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. The game is rated 4+ on iOS, E for Everyone on Android, and “All Ages” on Amazon.

Disclosure: Toca Boca gave SuperParent a code to try the Dentist add-on for coverage purposes. Our coverage remains objective.

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