This London University Will Offer an Esports Scholarship to U.K. Students For The First Time

Monday, July 9th, 2018 12:28 pm

The University of Roehampton joins many U.S. institutions in providing esports scholarships.

Over the past few years, universities and colleges across North America have begun offering esports scholarships to talented video game players. Now, reported that a London university has introduced the first esports scholarship program in the U.K.

The University of Roehampton will provide ten esports scholarships for students enrolling in the 2019 school year. Each scholarship will be worth £1,500 per year, and students at any education level within the university – both undergraduate or postgraduate – will be allowed to apply.

According to, the university will treat these scholarship recipients as traditional athletes, requiring them to “display their commitment to esports alongside successful academic progression.”

It’s easy to question whether video games should count as a valid sport, but esports (or competitive video gaming) relies on many of the same skills as traditional sports, like football and baseball. Players need to focus on teamwork and communication to be successful in each game. Playing video games as part of their schooling also teaches players commitment and time-management, as they’ll need to balance schoolwork and other activities with video game practice.

If your teens are interested in learning more about esports scholarships, have them check out ESPN’s list of the varsity esports programs currently offered across North American schools.

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