ThinkFun’s Triazzle Puzzles Are Tricky Triangular Puzzles for Kids and Adults

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 9:20 am

Each puzzle piece can fit in any location, but there's only one correct solution.

Later this year, ThinkFun will release three versions of the popular puzzle “game” Triazzle, which will challenge kids (and adults) to arrange triangular puzzle pieces on a puzzle board to form a complete triangular image.

Triazzle puzzles are for one or more players with a recommended age of 8+. Each puzzle has a different theme (butterflies, frogs, or sea creatures).

Each Triazzle puzzle has 16 triangular pieces that feature portions of different critters along their three sides. That is, one puzzle piece may have half of a blue butterfly on one side, while another piece may have the other half of the same butterfly on one of its sides. If you place these pieces next to each other, you’d form the complete picture of the butterfly.

Triazzle puzzles feature repeating images, so the same blue butterfly (in this example) will be featured multiple times in a single puzzle (this adds extra challenge to the experience). The Triazzles puzzle board features partial images of critters around the outside to give players a starting point for how to arrange the pieces on the board. However, multiple pieces may initially appear to fit in each spot on the board until you’ve determined the correct solution.

The goal of each puzzle is to arrange the 16 pieces on the board so that every creature is correctly put together to form the final image. This means that while the triangular pieces can technically fit in any space on the board (since all 16 pieces have the same triangular shape), there’s only one correct solution to each puzzle.

Source: ThinkFun

While Triazzle puzzles have a simple concept, the puzzles offer a legitimate challenge (even for adults), and players can use a combination of observational skills, deductive reasoning, and trial-and-error to solve each one. Since the puzzles can be tricky, you may want to take a picture of the final solution before mixing up the pieces for the first time (you can also reference the picture of the partially-finished puzzle on the back of the board).

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that you may have trouble physically fitting the final piece onto the board if you’ve arranged the pieces incorrectly, since the pieces were made to “fit” in a certain orientation (we’re guessing the pieces were cut simultaneously from a single piece of material). This is important to keep in mind if you want to quickly put a puzzle away without actually finishing it. You may need to store the pieces in a bag or box unless you take the time to finish the puzzle. When the puzzle is completed correctly, the pieces fit fairly securely on the board.

ThinkFun’s Triazzle puzzles will be released this spring for $9.99 each. You’ll be able to purchase them on Amazon and at other participating retailers.

Disclosure: SuperParent received ThinkFun’s three Triazzle puzzles for coverage purposes.

Editor’s note (03/30/2022): This article has been updated to clarify why the final piece may not “fit” if you’ve arranged the pieces incorrectly.

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