These Airport Games Keep Kids Occupied While Saving Your Electronics

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 10:18 am

Playing games with your kids at the airport isn't all about screen-time.

Traveling by plane can be a stressful experience, and even more so when flying with kids. It’s easy to hand little ones a smartphone or tablet to keep them distracted, but then you run the risk of these expensive electronics being lost or broken in the chaos.

To save your electronics (and your wallet), Fatherly shared a list of seven games families can play at airports that rely on imagination and creativity, rather than electronics. Ranging from guessing games to airport bingo, they offer something for families of all sizes and kids of all ages. Our favorite game is the scavenger hunt, which challenges kids to find items in an airport’s stores.

The game is great because it can be adapted to fit a child’s age and abilities. You can ask younger kids to find something simple, like a piece of clothing or a magazine. Older kids can be challenged to find more specific items, like a certain brand of gum or candy.

Airports typically have plenty of stores to choose from, so you can make the game last by asking kids to find items across multiple stores, or create a separate game for each store you come across.

If you want more ideas, make sure to check out Fatherly’s guide.

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Brandy Berthelson

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