The Pokemon Shirts Company Is Giving Away a Mini-Pouch With Each Shirt Purchase

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 6:02 am

The zipper pouches feature 251 different Pokemon-themed fabrics.

In 2019, clothing company Original Stitch and The Pokemon Company launched a clothing line called “Pokemon Shirts,” which allows shoppers to customize and purchase shirts made of Pokemon-inspired fabric.

Earlier this year, Original Stitch expanded its Pokemon-themed clothing line with two new products — Pokemon Bandannas and Pokemon Masks — and now, the line is being expanded yet again with the release of Pokemon Shirts Mini-Pouches. These pouches can be used to store small items (like pens or markers) and close with a zipper.

Unlike the company’s other products, these Mini-Pouches won’t be available to purchase. Instead, a Mini-Pouch will be given away for free to everyone who purchases a Pokemon Shirt, while supplies last. Pokemon Shirts themselves cost $100 (for adults) and $85 (for children). To be especially clear, these Mini-Pouches will only be given to shoppers who buy a Pokemon Shirt — not a Pokemon Bandanna or Pokemon Mask.

The Mini-Pouches will feature the 251 fabrics that are available in the Pokemon Shirts line. These fabrics represent the Pokemon found in Generations 1-2 of the Pokemon universe (those pocket monsters seen in the Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Silver and Gold video games). Each pouch measures 5.9 inches x 7.9 inches.

In a press release, Marina Carroll, marketing manager at Original Stitch, commented on these Mini-Pouches:

“This is our holiday gift to fans. Giving back to the community that supported us with fun gifts is something we love to do. In addition, Pokémon Mini-Pouches support our passion for sustainability. They are made from fabric remnants left over from the tailoring of our shirts to reduce waste!

To learn more about Pokemon Shirts, head over to the Original Stitch website.

Brandy Berthelson

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