The Great British Baking Show Game Hits the Tabletop This Summer

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 10:03 am

Players can become contestants on the popular baking show.

Ravensburger revealed The Great British Baking Show Game, a tabletop game inspired by the popular baking competition series The Great British Baking Show.

The Great British Baking Show Game is for 2-4 players with a recommended age of 10+. During each game, players will become contestants on the show, and they’ll work to prepare recipes across three rounds: Signature, Technical, and Showstopper.

Source: Ravensburger

The game will ask players to prepare dishes by arranging cards to match recipes. Players will need to avoid having a “soggy bottom” on their dish, and they’ll earn points based on the quality of their creations. The player with the most points will be named Star Baker.

The game will feature 18 recipes and 244 bake cards. It will also include “Help” cards that are placed in the center of the table and serve as wild cards, as well as “Bin” tokens that will allow players to throw away a portion of their creation once during each round.

Each game of The Great British Baking Show Game has an expected play time of 20 minutes.

Source: Ravensburger

The Great British Baking Show Game will be released in August 2022.

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