The Goonies: Under the Goondocks Is Available Now for Your Next Family Game Night

Monday, January 10th, 2022 8:20 am

The expansion adds new adventures to Funko Games' Goonies-themed tabletop game.

Funko Games released The Goonies: Under the Goondocks, an expansion for the company’s The Goonies: Never Say Die tabletop game.

The Goonies: Under the Goondocks includes three new scripted adventures to complete that feature the bully Troy and his search for One-Eyed Willie’s treasure. The expansion adds three new playable characters to the game (Stef, Andy, and Brand), which each have a sculpted miniature. The expansion also includes a miniature of Troy. The Goonies: Under the Goondocks is for 2-5 players.

Source: Funko Games

During each adventure in The Goonies tabletop game, one player will become the “Goondocks Master” who guides the story forward, while the other players will become the Goonies who must work together to complete a series of challenges.

The Goonies: Under the Goondocks is now available for $14.99. It has an age rating of 12+. You’ll need to own the base game of The Goonies: Never Say Die to play through the expansion’s content. The Goonies: Never Say Die has a suggested price of $34.99.

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