Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town: How to Upgrade Your Tools

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 12:02 am

The faster you unlock these upgrades, the better.

In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, players have access to nine different tools that allow them to complete a variety of tasks around their farm. This includes an axe for cutting down trees, a hammer for smashing rocks, a bucket for clearing puddles, and more. Eight of these nine tools can be upgraded multiple times to improve their quality and performance (every tool except the camera and leash).

Here’s how to upgrade your tools and improve your productivity around the farm!

When you’re ready to upgrade a tool, head to the Tool Shop. Talk to Clemens and tell him you want to “Upgrade Tools.” (Remember, the Tool Shop is closed on Tuesdays.)

Each tool requires both materials and gold to upgrade.

The first upgrade for every tool requires Iron Ingots. Some tools also require Lumber if the tool has a wooden handle. For instance, upgrading the Bucket to an Iron Bucket only requires three Iron Ingots, but upgrading the Hoe to an Iron Hoe requires three Iron Ingots and three Lumber. You’ll also need to spend 1,000 gold for each tool you want to upgrade.

From there, you can continue to upgrade your tools to different levels by spending more gold and resources. The “Silver” tool upgrades require five Silver Ingots, and sometimes five Solid Lumber, depending on the tool. These Silver tool upgrades cost 3,000 gold each.

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After you’ve upgraded a tool to the “Silver” level, its “Gold” upgrade becomes available. These Gold upgrades require 10 Gold Ingots and sometimes 10 Supple Lumber, depending on the tool. Gold level upgrades cost 20,000 gold each.

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Finally, after you’ve upgraded a tool to the Gold level, you can upgrade it to the “Orichalcum” level. These upgrades are extremely expensive (150,000 gold each), and they also require lots of materials (a selection of Durable Lumber, Mirage Lumber, Gold Ingots, and Orichalcum Ingots).

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