Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym Quiz Answers

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 6:40 am

Here's how to pass Opal's unique quiz with flying colors!

As you make your way through the main storyline in Pokemon Sword and/or Pokemon Shield, you’ll eventually come to the beautiful small town of Ballonlea, which is home to the fifth Gym in the Galar Gym Challenge.

Ballonlea Gym is led by Opal, a spry old woman who specializes in Fairy-type Pokemon. Just like Opal herself, the Ballonlea Gym challenge is rather unique, as you’ll need to answer a series of quiz questions in the middle of battle!

If you answer a question correctly, your active Pokemon will receive a stat boost, but if you answer a question incorrectly, they’ll get a stat “debuff,” so it’s important to answer each one correctly!

Thanks to the folks at Prima Games, we know the answers to the six questions you’ll be asked in the Fairy-themed Gym. Here’s the breakdown of each question and its correct answer.

Trainer Battle Questions

Question: Do you know about the Fairy type’s weaknesses?
Answer: Poison or Steel

Question: What was the previous trainer’s name?
Answer: Annette

Question: What do I eat for breakfast every morning?
Answer: Omelettes

Gym Leader Battle Questions

Question: Do you know my nickname?
Answer: The Wizard

Question: What is my favorite color?
Answer: Purple

Question: How old am I?
Answer: 16

Obviously, Opal isn’t actually 16, but this is the correct answer if you want the best results during the quiz!

Have fun!

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