Pokemon: Scorbunny Is Back in Stock at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022 8:49 am

The plush was first released in 2021.

Trainers, if you missed out on purchasing the Scorbunny plush when it was first released at Build-A-Bear Workshop in May 2021, you now have another chance to pick one up, as the Pokemon stuffed animal is back in stock on Build-A-Bear’s website.

Scorbunny is a Fire-type Pokemon from the Galar region of the Pokemon universe. It’s one of the three starting Pokemon players can choose from in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on Nintendo Switch. (Another starting Pokemon from Sword and Shield, Grookey, is also available at Build-A-Bear Workshop.)

Pokemon fans can purchase Scorbunny on Build-A-Bear’s website in the “Online Exclusive Scorbunny Bundle,” which is priced at $66. The bundle includes the 15-inch Scorbunny plush, a Scorbunny Cape, a Scorbunny Sleeper (pajamas), and a Scorbunny 5-in-1 sound module that will be placed inside the stuffed animal so it can make sounds.

If you already own the Scorbunny plush and/or you’re interested in picking up a different Pokemon stuffed animal, Build-A-Bear currently has several Pokemon bundles on sale on its website. For instance, Pokemon fans can pick up the Online Exclusive Glaceon Bundle for $52 (normally $65) and the Online Exclusive Pikachu Hoodie Bundle for $56.70 (normally $63). You can browse Build-A-Bear’s entire Pokemon collection on the company’s website.

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Brandy Berthelson

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