Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Home Ec Midterm Exam Answers

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022 8:39 am

Here are the answers to this test!

As players make their way through Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, they can take classes at an in-game academy to learn about Pokemon and other topics.

Players can take classes in a variety of subjects at the academy, such as History and Battle Studies. Once players take three classes in a single subject, they can take the Midterm for the subject, which will test how well they remember what they’ve been taught.

If you need help passing the Home Ec Midterm, our guide is here to help you out!

Here are the answers to the Home Ec Midterm in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet!

Question 1: Which is not an effect of a picnic meal?

Answer: Increasing speed

Question 2: Which of the following affects the kinds of Meal Powers received from a particular meal?

Answer: Fillings and condiments

Question 3: Which of these Berries can restore a Pokemon’s HP?

Answer: Oran Berry

Question 4: Leandro wanted his Pokemon to decide on its own when to use its item in battle, so he gave it an Oran Berry. This will work as he hopes.

Answer: True

Question 5: If a move runs out of PP, it can no longer be used. If a Pokemon runs out of PP for all its moves, it can only sit there in frustration.

Answer: False

Once you pass the Home Ec Midterm, you’ll receive five Exp. Candies S as a reward.

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