Pokemon Go: You Can Now Collect Even More Mega Energy

Friday, October 16th, 2020 9:43 am

The game's developer made some changes to Mega Evolution.

In August 2020, Pokemon Go was updated with a Mega Evolution feature, which allows players to temporarily evolve certain Pokemon beyond their final evolution to make them stronger.

The feature received mixed reviews from players upon its initial release, which caused Niantic, the game’s developer, to roll out some changes to Mega Evolution in early September. As a recap, Niantic decreased the amount of Mega Energy required to Mega Evolve a Pokemon that has already been Mega Evolved in the past, and the developer increased the amount of Mega Energy players receive when they complete Mega Raids.

Now, two more changes have been made to the Mega Evolution feature.

First, Pokemon will now remain Mega-Evolved for eight hours, rather than the previous time limit of four hours. And, players can now collect up to 2,000 Mega Energy for each species that is capable of being Mega-Evolved (Charizard, Beedrill, etc.). Previously, the Mega Energy cap for each species was 999.

In a news post, Niantic said trainers should “[s]tay tuned for additional updates in the coming weeks.”

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Brandy Berthelson

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