Pokemon Go: Team Go Rocket Is Back After a Bug Was Fixed

Friday, April 23rd, 2021 7:32 am

Players can claim a free box of goodies in the in-game shop.

Earlier this year, Pokemon Go players began encountering a bug that would cause the game to freeze when they tried to battle Team Go Rocket. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, acknowledged this issue on the game’s Known Issues website, and removed Team Go Rocket encounters from the game while it was working on a fix.

Now, the problem has been resolved and Team Go Rocket is back in Pokemon Go.

As a way to make up for this issue, Niantic has added a free box of goodies to the in-game item shop containing 30 Poke Balls and a Rocket Radar. This box will be available to collect until April 29 at 7 p.m. PT.

In addition, since this downtime took away some of the time players would have originally had to battle Giovanni and capture Shadow Zapdos, this Legendary Pokemon will be added back to Giovanni’s lineup later this year to give players another chance to capture it. Specifically, Giovanni will have Shadow Zapdos on his team between June 1 at 12 a.m. local time and June 17 at 12 a.m. local time.

Did you encounter this bug before Team Go Rocket encounters were removed from Pokemon Go? Let us know on Twitter at @superparenthq.

Brandy Berthelson

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