Pokemon Go: Litleo and Pyroar Evolution Guide

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 11:04 am

Litleo has an unusual evolutionary mechanic.

Trainers, some of the Pokemon that were originally discovered in the Kalos region of the Pokemon universe are now appearing in Pokemon Go!

One of these Pokemon is Litleo, a Fire- and Normal-type Pokemon that evolves into Pyroar. Pyroar is an unusual pocket monster, since it has two forms.

In Pokemon Go, all Litleo can be evolved using 50 Litleo Candy. However, the Pyroar form you’ll receive is determined by Litleo’s gender. A male Litleo will evolve into a Pyroar with a large mane surrounding its head that resembles fire, while a female Litleo will evolve into a Pyroar with long, flowing hair (also in the colors of fire). You can see the differences in the screenshots below.

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There’s no trick to collecting both of these Pyroar in Pokemon Go. You simply need to catch a Litleo of each gender and then spend 50 Litleo Candy to evolve each one.

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However, male Litleo is much harder to find in Pokemon Go than its female counterpart. This makes sense, since — according to Bulbapedia — Litleo’s overall gender ratio in the Pokemon universe is 12.5 percent male to 87.5 percent female.

There doesn’t appear to be a visual difference between male and female Litleo, so you won’t know which one you’ve encountered until you actually capture it. If you want to add both male and female Pyroar to your collection in Pokemon Go, make sure to catch every Litleo you see!

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