Pokemon Go: How to Redeem Codes

Thursday, May 12th, 2022 8:48 am

Here's how to use promotional codes to receive free items!

Occasionally, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, will release a promotional code for Pokemon Go that players can redeem for free items in the free-to-play mobile game.

But how do players actually redeem codes in Pokemon Go? Our guide will show you how!

Whenever you have a code you want to redeem for free items in Pokemon Go, you’ll need to head to Niantic’s “Offer Redemption” website to redeem it. You can get to this website by clicking right here, or by heading to “rewards.nianticlabs.com” (without the quotation marks).

From there, you’ll need to sign into your Pokemon Go account using your Google, Facebook, or Niantic Kids account. That is, you’ll need to login to Niantic’s Offer Redemption website using the same credentials you use to login to Pokemon Go. If you created your Pokemon Go account using your Google account, you can click the “Sign in with Google” button, and so on.

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Once you’ve logged in, you should see your Pokemon Go username and in-game level. If you don’t see the right account information, click the “Sign out” button and login with the correct credentials for the account you want to use.

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After you’ve logged in with the correct account, you can type (or paste) your promotional code in the text-entry field under the text that reads “Enter offer code.” Then, click the “Submit” button.

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If you’ve entered an active promotional code, you should now be able to open the Pokemon Go application to receive your rewards!

And that’s all there is to it – have fun!

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