Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Smoochum

Thursday, October 8th, 2020 8:29 am

It's important to note whether Smoochum is wearing a costume.

If you’re trying to add Jynx to your Pokedex in Pokemon Go, you can do so in multiple ways. While you may be able to find this Pokemon in the wild (in our experience, it’s rare), you can also collect Jynx by evolving Smoochum, a “baby” Pokemon from Generation II of the Pokemon universe.

Smoochum is one of the many Pokemon featured in Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week event, which ends on October 8 at 10 p.m. PT. Rather than being normal Smoochum, the Smoochum featured in this event are costumed Pokemon that are wearing bows on top of their heads.

Normally, Smoochum can be evolved into Jynx using 25 Jynx Candy. However, the Smoochum that are wearing bows can’t be evolved at all.

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This is a typical limitation for many costumed Pokemon in Pokemon Go, including the other costumed Pokemon featured in the Fashion Week event (Kirlia, Shinx, and Croagunk). A recent exception to this rule is World Cap Pikachu, which was featured in the October 6 Spotlight Hour event. This particular costumed Pokemon can be evolved into World Cap Raichu.

Thankfully, there’s no trick to evolving Smoochum if it isn’t wearing a costume. You simply need to collect the required number of Jynx Candy and then press the “Evolve” button on Smoochum’s page.

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