Pokemon Go Hippopotas and Hippowdon Evolution Guide

Thursday, January 14th, 2021 7:56 am

Everything you need to know!

There are quite a few pocket monsters in the Pokemon universe that have a unique appearance depending on their gender. For instance, Pikachu’s tail ends in a point if Pikachu is male, and in a “heart” if it’s female.

Two more Pokemon with gender-based differences are Hippopotas and its evolution, Hippowdon — two Ground-type Pokemon from Generation IV of the Pokemon universe.

Here’s everything you need to know about collecting and evolving these Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

To start, Hippopotas is always brown and tan, but its specific color pattern is determined by its gender. If Hippopotas is female, it has a dark brown face with lighter accents. If it’s male, its face is tan and the rest of its body has darker accents. You can see these color differences in the screenshots below.

Source: SuperParent

In Pokemon Go, Hippopotas can be evolved into Hippowdon using 50 Hippopotas Candy. (As of this writing, Hippopotas is appearing more frequently than normal as part of Pokemon Go’s 2021 Sinnoh Celebration event, so this is a great time to stock up on that Candy!)

Hippowdon’s gender also determines its appearance. To be specific, female Hippowdon is dark gray and black, while male Hippowdon is tan and black (check them out in the screenshots below).

Source: SuperParent

And there you have it!

Keep in mind, you aren’t required to collect both male and female Hippowdon in Pokemon Go. Instead, it’s just an optional goal you can complete if you want to have “one of everything” in the game!

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