Pokemon Day 2024: Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket and Pokemon Legends: Z-A

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 4:24 pm

Pokemon Day marks the anniversary of the release of the first Pokemon games in Japan.

February 27 is Pokemon Day, which celebrates the anniversary of the release of the first Pokemon video games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green, in Japan in 1996.

Each year, The Pokemon Company makes a series of announcements on Pokemon Day related to games and other content in the Pokemon universe. In 2024, a Pokemon Day video presentation revealed two new games for Pokemon fans to look forward to: Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket and Pokemon Legends: Z-A.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is a free-to-play mobile game that will allow players to collect digital Pokemon trading cards and participate in Pokemon Trading Card Game battles. The game will feature special “immersive cards” that allow players to virtually step into the artwork on a card to view a larger scene. In addition, the game will allow players to open two virtual booster packs of cards for free each day.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket will be released on iOS and Android devices in 2024. While the game will be free-to-play, players will have the option to spend real money on additional in-game content.

Pokemon Legends: Z-A, meanwhile, will allow players to travel to Lumiose City in the Kalos region of the Pokemon universe. The Kalos region was the setting for the Pokemon X and Y video games that were released on Nintendo 3DS in 2013.

A press release provided some brief information about Pokemon Legends: Z-A:

“An exciting new adventure awaits players within Lumiose City, where an urban redevelopment plan is underway to shape the city into a place that belongs to both people and Pokémon.”

Pokemon Legends: Z-A will be released on Switch in 2025.

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