Pokemon: Check Out Build-A-Bear’s New Teddiursa Plush

Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 7:30 am

It's a cutie!

Build-A-Bear Workshop revealed the newest addition to its line of Pokemon stuffed animals: Teddiursa.

The Teddiursa plush can be purchased on Build-A-Bear’s website in the “Online Exclusive Teddiursa Bundle,” which is priced at $65. The bundle includes the 13-inch Teddiursa stuffed animal, a Teddiursa hoodie, a Teddiursa Sleeper, and a “5-in-1” sound module that will be placed inside the stuffed animal to allow it to make noise.

Source: Build-A-Bear Workshop

The Teddiursa plush can’t be purchased outside of this bundle on Build-A-Bear’s website, but you should be able to purchase the stuffed animal on its own in real-world Build-A-Bear stores if you don’t want the extra accessories.

In addition to releasing this Teddiursa plush, Build-A-Bear is hosting a 20 percent off sale on some of its previously released online Pokemon bundles. For instance, you can purchase the Online Exclusive Gengar Bundle for $61.65 (normally $68.50) or the Online Exclusive Grookey Bundle for $52 (normally $65). You can browse Build-A-Bear’s complete selection of Pokemon-related products on the company’s website.

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Brandy Berthelson

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