Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Hearthome Gym Answers Guide

Monday, November 29th, 2021 9:27 am

Here's how to quickly reach Fantina!

As players make their way through Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, they’ll be able to challenge Fantina, the leader of the Hearthome Gym in Hearthome City.

The Hearthome Gym features a series of multiple choice math questions for players to answer, and if they answer the questions correctly, they can reach Fantina without being required to battle any other trainers first. If they answer a question incorrectly, they’ll need to battle another Pokemon trainer before they can try to answer the question again.

If you want to earn some extra experience points for your Pokemon before battling Fantina, you may want to answer the questions incorrectly in the Hearthome Gym in order to have some extra trainer battles. However, if you’re just looking to battle Fantina as quickly as possible, we’re here with a quick guide giving you all of the correct answers to the Gym’s math questions!

Check out our video guide below to see the answers to the Hearthome Gym math questions, or keep reading for the details!

Each question has three possible answers that relate to three doors in front of your character.

The first question reads “What is 3 plus 5 plus 7?” The answer is “15,” so you’ll want to enter the right door.

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The second question asks “What is 12 plus 28?” The correct answer is “40,” which matches the center door.

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The third question reads “What is 3 times 13?” The correct answer to this question is “39,” so you’ll want to enter the left door.

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The final question asks “What was the first room’s answer?” The answer is “15,” which matches the right door.

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After you enter the door for the correct answer to the fourth question, you’ll find yourself in front of Fantina, where you can have your Gym battle! Have fun!

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Disclosure: Nintendo gave SuperParent codes for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl for coverage purposes.

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