Pikmin Bloom Adds Curry Bowl Decor Pikmin

Thursday, March 28th, 2024 3:04 pm

Seedlings for these new Pikmin can be found near certain restaurants.

New Decor Pikmin have been added to Pikmin Bloom!

Curry Bowl Decor Pikmin can now be found near curry restaurants, which may include Indian restaurants, Nepali restaurants, and others where curry may be served.

There are seven kinds of Curry Bowl Decor Pikmin available to collect: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Rock, and Winged.

Rather than being part of a limited-time event, Curry Bowl Decor Pikmin are a permanent addition to Pikmin Bloom, meaning players don’t have to rush to collect them before they leave the game (since they won’t). Instead, players will be able to find these Pikmin casually going forward whenever they’re near a curry restaurant.

You can view silhouettes for the seven Curry Bowl Decor Pikmin in the picture below. The picture also shows the icon you’ll want to look for on the game’s Detector screen as you’re trying to collect these Decor Pikmin. The icon features a dish with rice, curry, and an eating utensil.

Source: SuperParent

Are you excited to collect these Curry Bowl Decor Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom? What other kinds of Decor Pikmin would you like to see added to the game? Let us know on Twitter at @superparenthq.

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