Paleo Pines Preview: Build a Dinosaur Ranch on Console or PC

Monday, June 12th, 2023 5:56 pm

SuperParent went hands-on with this adorable life simulation and farming game.

Developer Italic Pig and publisher Modus Games will release Paleo Pines on consoles and PC later this year. The dinosaur ranching game will take players to an island where humans and dinosaurs live alongside each other. The game will allow players to befriend dinosaurs, farm crops, customize their ranch, and build relationships with the island’s residents.

SuperParent had the chance to try a demo of Paleo Pines before the full game is released.

When players first start Paleo Pines, they’ll be able to customize their character by choosing from different skin tones, hair styles, clothing options, and more.

From there, players will arrive on their ranch with their Parasaurolophus companion named Lucky. The ranch is run down and overrun with debris, but players will be able to return the ranch to its former glory with the help of their dinosaur friends and the local townspeople.

Paleo Pines features a day and night cycle, with the game’s calendar being split into three seasons. During each in-game day, players can use a limited number of stamina points to complete tasks like planting and watering crops. Each dinosaur also has a limited number of stamina points, which can be spent to complete tasks like clearing debris around the ranch.

Source: Italic Pig, Modus Games

Players can visit the nearby town of Pebble Plaza to purchase seeds and other resources they can use back at their ranch. They can also sell any items they don’t need to earn in-game currency.

When players aren’t working on their ranch, they can explore the in-game world to find new dinosaurs to befriend, collect resources, and more.

Players can befriend dinosaurs by playing different tones with their flute and feeding them snacks to see how they react. Each dinosaur species has different tastes, so players may need to use trial and error as they try to earn a dinosaur’s trust. Once players reach a certain level of trust with a dinosaur, it will follow them back to their ranch.

Source: Italic Pig, Modus Games

Players can only befriend a limited number of dinosaurs, since each needs its own pen at the ranch, as well as a “Dreamstone,” which is a rare item. Players only have access to a single Dreamstone at the start of the game, which is given to Lucky, and they’ll need to find more before they’ll be able to create homes for new dinosaur pals.

Paleo Pines will be released on Switch, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, and PC on September 26, 2023. On June 19, 2023, the game’s demo will be released on PC game marketplace Steam, allowing players to try the game before it’s released.

Paleo Pines has yet to be rated by the ESRB, but the game is family-friendly.

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