Nintendo Switch Now Lets You Organize Games Into Groups

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022 7:51 am

The system's latest update is available now.

The latest console update for Nintendo Switch systems added a handy new feature for players who own lots of games: the ability to organize games into groups, or folders.

In order to access this new feature, Switch owners need to update their system to Version 14.0.0 or above.

Once their Switch is updated, players can view the “All Software” screen on their Switch and press the “L” button to create their first Group. They’ll need to have more than 12 titles saved on their Switch system for the “All Software” menu and Groups feature to be available.

You can view a full step-by-step guide related to creating Groups on Switch on Nintendo’s support website.

Source: Nintendo

A single Group (folder) can have up to 200 titles, and the same title can be added to more than one Group. Players can name each Group they create, and they can also arrange the titles in each Group into their desired order.

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Top image via Nintendo of America on Twitter

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