New Overwatch Features Will Let Teens Have More Control Over Who They Play With

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 12:36 pm

Overwatch will become more social with endorsements and group search tools.

If your teen typically plays Overwatch by themselves, they may be interested in a new feature coming soon: Looking for Group.

The popular multiplayer shooter focuses on competitive gaming between two teams of players in each match, but it can be difficult for a team to succeed when everyone’s doing their own thing with no communication.

The Looking for Group tool will let players create a group (or team) that fits their play style. For instance, they may require everyone to use voice chat or choose characters that fulfill certain combat roles (each playable character has a different speciality, such as support or damage).

Another new social feature, Endorsements, will let players “rate” their teammates and opponents after each match. Endorsements will come in three different types: sportsmanship, good teammate, and shot caller. Players who have a high endorsement level will receive in-game rewards over time.

Finally, players will soon be able to set their profile to “private” or “friends only,” rather than “public.” Parents, if you’re concerned about how your teens share information with others online, require them to switch their account to one of these new settings when the feature launches.

[H/T: GameSpot]

Brandy Berthelson

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