Minecraft Dungeons’ Next DLC, Echoing Void, Confirmed For July 28 Release

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 9:18 am

Once more into the (pixelated) breach!

Microsoft and Mojang have announced that the next downloadable content pack (DLC) for their dungeon-crawling adventure game Minecraft Dungeons, Echoing Void, will launch July 28.

Echoing Void is a mix of free and paid content, including a new pet in the Friendermite and new consumables. A brand new boss, The Vengeful Heart of Ender, awaits all brave adventurers who enter the Echoing Void, as does a maze-like mission rife with puzzles called the Gauntlet of Gales. 

The new DLC pack will also be included in a new Minecraft Dungeons package called Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition. Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition includes the full base Minecraft Dungeons experience, as well as all six downloadable content packs that have been released so far:

Minecraft Dungeons: Ultimate Edition will launch July 28, the same day as Echoing Void.

If you missed Minecraft Dungeons when it launched in May 2020, check out our review right here. For more on all things Minecraft, here’s our look at the recent Caves and Cliffs update to the core Minecraft game. 

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