Minecraft Dungeons: How to Find Every Hidden Chest

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 8:58 am

Follow these tips to collect all of the loot that you can!

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon-crawling adventure game set in the blocky world of Minecraft. The game allows you to explore procedurally generated levels full of enemies to defeat and loot to collect. While enemies will sometimes drop loot when they’re defeated (weapons, armor, etc.), you can also find lots of helpful items in treasure chests in each level.

Since the game’s environments are “procedurally generated,” this means a single level won’t have the same layout even if you play it multiple times. That also means you’ll be able to find chests in different locations each time you play. Since that’s the case, we can’t create guides to help you find each chest’s specific location.

However, we can share a few tips that will help you find all of the chests scattered throughout each stage. Let’s get started!

Use the In-Game Map

The map is one of your best tools when it comes to finding treasure chests. While Minecraft Dungeons includes a waypoint marker that tells you which way to go to advance to the next objective, there are lots of side areas that you can also explore that you may miss entirely if you’re not careful.

By opening the game’s map, you can view all of these side areas and keep track of the places you’ve yet to visit. While there’s no guarantee these extra areas will contain chests, they’re definitely worth searching. Plus, once you get close enough to a chest, it may actually appear on the map so you know exactly where to go.

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Search Every Nook and Cranny…

Some chests are found out in the open, making them really easy to spot. Other chests are hidden behind trees and walls, and some are actually invisible until you get close enough to them.

While the game’s map will show you any areas you’ve yet to visit in a stage, you’ll need to do the work of thoroughly exploring each of these areas. That may mean walking all of the way to the edges of the map to make sure there aren’t invisible chests waiting to be found. Also keep in mind that some chests may be hidden inside secret areas that you come across as you play (look for doors leading to other areas).

If you come across a chest that’s behind a tree or another obstacle, a helpful outline of the chest will appear on the screen so you know where it is (check out an example of that in the screenshot below).

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..But Don’t Keep Searching Needlessly

When you press the map button, a transparent version of the map will appear on the screen, and you can keep walking around to see your character icon move on the map in real time. However, as Eurogamer reported, you can actually hold down on the map button to open a larger version of the map that contains more information.

In the bottom-left corner of this screen, you’ll see the number of chests and “secrets” the level contains (the large brown “Supplies” chests don’t count). If you see that you’ve already found all of the chests in a level, you can stop thoroughly searching each environment and move more quickly to the end!

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