Meet Heartables, Build-A-Bear’s Mystery Stuffed Animals

Thursday, January 16th, 2020 6:27 am

The 'blind bag' packages contain a single animal, which you'll need to take into the store to stuff.

Build-A-Bear Workshop launched a new line of mystery stuffed animals called Heartables. Similar to products like LOL Surprise Dolls and Mattel’s new Cloudees, these Heartables are “blind bags” (or “surprise packs,” as they may also be called), meaning you won’t know which critter you’ll get before you open the package.

Heartables are currently available in two different themes, or series: Unicorn Land and Safari Stripes. Each series only has three animals to collect, so there’s a good chance littles will receive the one they want on their first try (that is, if they would prefer one over the others). Keep in mind, though, that you may also wind up with duplicates if you’re determined to find a specific critter, as is the case with other blind bag toys.

The Unicorn Land series contains three unicorns:

  • Sprinkle – A purple unicorn with blue, pink, and dark purple dots in its fur and a purple horn
  • Dottie – A pink unicorn with yellow, orange, and dark pink dots and a pink horn
  • Bubbles – A blue unicorn with purple, pink, and dark blue dots and a blue horn

The Safari Stripes series also has three critters up for grabs, with all three having blue, pink, and purple striped fur:

  • Pearl – A bear
  • Sapphire – A sloth
  • Kiki – A koala

Each animal in the Unicorn Land series is 17 inches tall, while the Safari Stripes creatures are slightly shorter, at 16 inches.

A single Heartables can be purchased online and in Build-A-Bear stores for $19. Each package contains the shell of a single animal, a bow accessory, and a heart that can be placed inside the critter when you fill it. If you order a Heartables online, you’ll need to take the animal into an actual Build-A-Bear store to complete the stuffing process and bring the critter to life.

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Brandy Berthelson

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