MeandMine Learning Kits Teach Kids About the Body Through STEAM Projects

Thursday, September 9th, 2021 8:18 am

The kits feature storybooks and hands-on activities.

Children’s science and learning kit company MeandMine has introduced a variety of learning kits for kids designed to teach them about the human body, emotions, and more.

MeandMine kits are separated into four major areas. Each of these areas has multiple kits to choose from.

  • Body Jungle – Kits focused on topics like healing and the digestive system, among others
  • Selfie Maze – Kits focused on the brain, the concept of self, and more
  • iEmotion Planet – Kits are focused on emotions, tantrums, and so on
  • Teamwork SEA-ries – Kits focused on teamwork, conflicts, and more

Each learning kit includes an illustrated story book and 2-5 “hands-on projects” inspired by STEAM concepts. Plus, kits include a “Grownup Guide” for adults to help kids through each experience.

As just one example, a kit called “The Sunshine Mischief” teaches kids about their skin and why using sunscreen is important. The kit includes a sewing project that lets kids create a sun-themed mobile. It also includes UV-reactive beads that kids (or adults) can spray with the sunscreen they already have at home to see the power of sunscreen in action (the beads covered in sunscreen won’t change color in the sun).

Each learning kit costs $29.99. They’re available to purchase on the MeandMine website, as well as on Amazon. Each kit has its own age rating, but many are aimed at kids aged 4-6 (some skew just a bit older).

In addition to these standalone kits, MeandMine offers homeschool bundles that include multiple kits in a single package. For instance, the Magic Set includes the “Fish Out Germs” and “Coral-laboration” learning kits, and is priced at $54.99. The “Coral-laboration” kit is pictured at the top of this post.

You can learn more about MeandMine’s learning kits on the MeandMine website.

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