LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls Hit Shelves in March

Monday, February 15th, 2021 8:35 am

Get up and dance!

Last fall, MGA Entertainment released the Remix line of LOL Surprise dolls and toys, which were themed after music. In keeping with this musical theme, the next set of toys in the LOL Surprise line will inspire kids to get up and dance.

The LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance series will include new fashion dolls, “Dance Tots,” and a “Dance Machine” vehicle that includes a pool and dance floor. Here’s the breakdown:

Source: MGA Entertainment

Dance Dance Dance OMG Fashion Dolls

The Dance Dance Dance OMG Fashion Dolls are described as the “big sisters” of the regular LOL Surprise dolls. There will be four different dolls to collect — Major Lady, B-Gurl, Miss Royale, and Virtuelle — which each come with 15 surprises. Each doll’s packaging will reveal the doll’s unique dance move, and the packaging will also feature a black light that will cause certain parts of the dolls and their accessories to glow (you can see a preview of this effect in the picture above). These Fashion Dolls will be priced at $24.99 each.

Source: MGA Entertainment

Dance Tots

Each of these 12 dolls will come with eight surprises, a holographic dance card that teaches kids a different dance move, and packaging that includes a black light. Each Dance Tot will be priced at $10.99.

Source: MGA Entertainment

Dance Machine

This toy convertible will feature adjustable seats to fit multiple sizes of LOL Surprise dolls. The back of the vehicle will function as a dance floor, and kids will be able to flip out the car’s back panel to reveal a compartment that can be used as a swimming pool. The Dance Machine will also come with an exclusive doll named Dancebot.

Finally, like the other products in this line, the Dance Machine package will come with a black light that will cause certain parts of the car and doll(s) to glow. The Dance Machine will be priced at $29.99.

The LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance toys will hit store shelves on March 1. Parents can pre-order the Fashion Dolls and Dance Machine now on the LOL Surprise website.

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