Let’s Build a Zoo Will Feature Over 300,000 Animals to Create and Raise

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 8:17 am

Mix and match animals to create new creatures.

Developer Springloaded Games and Publisher No More Robots have announced Let’s Build a Zoo, a zoo simulation game for PC that will allow players to manage an animal sanctuary and care for a variety of real and imaginary animals.

Let’s Build a Zoo will feature over 500 real animals to breed and raise in the zoo, along with lots of decorations, buildings, and paths that players can use to create the zoo of their dreams. The game will also allow players to manage their zoo’s staff.

In addition to real animals, Let’s Build a Zoo will feature a DNA splicing system that will allow players to combine any two animals to create something new. For instance, they’ll be able to combine an owl and capybara to create an “owlybara,” or cross a crocodile with a duck to get a “crocoduck,” and so on. With all of the different combinations, the game will feature more than 300,000 different animals in all.

Finally, while the game is cute and cuddly on the surface, Let’s Build a Zoo will also feature a morality system that allows players to be a “good” or “evil” zoo manager. If players go down the “evil” path, No More Robots said the game can become “pretty dark.” That is, you can overwork your staff and “essentially turn your zoo into a meat factory.” These darker elements may make the game inappropriate for younger players.

Let’s Build a Zoo will be released on PC in summer 2021. A closed beta test will allow a limited number of players to try the game before it’s released. Players can sign up for a chance to be included in the beta test right here.

Brandy Berthelson

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