Lego Fortnite Mechanical Mayhem Update Brings Vehicles to the Game

Tuesday, March 26th, 2024 3:04 pm

Players can unlock three vehicle Build recipes by collecting the required items.

A major new update has launched for Lego Fortnite, bringing drivable vehicles to the in-game world.

The Mechanical Mayhem update allows players to unlock three vehicle Build recipes: the Speeder, the Offroader, and the Hauler.

The Speeder resembles an ATV and has a single seat for the driver. Players can unlock the Speeder Build recipe by adding a Power Cell to their inventory.

The Speeder vehicle in Lego Fortnite
Source: Epic Games

The Offroader, meanwhile, has room for a driver and three passengers. Players can collect the Offroader Build recipe by adding Flexwood to their inventory.

The Offroader vehicle in Lego Fortnite
Source: Epic Games

Finally, the Hauler is the largest of the three vehicles, having room for a driver and three passengers, as well as a large cargo area in the back. Players can unlock the Hauler Build recipe by adding Frostpine to their inventory.

The Hauler vehicle in Lego Fortnite
Source: Epic Games

Players can also create their own custom vehicles by using the required “Vehicle Parts” in the game’s Toys section. Players can experiment with Power Centers, Power Cells, Turnable Wheels, Powered Wheels, Seats, and Driver’s Seats as they build their own vehicles.

The Mechanical Mayhem update also adds a new Compost Bin Station to the game, which can turn unwanted items into Biomass, Fertilizer, or Soil. The Fortnite website reads: “​​The number and rarity of what [the Compost Bin] spits out will depend on what you put in, but you’ll need to create Biomass to unlock the Power Cell recipe.”

Other new items in the Mechanical Mayhem update include the Wrench (a tool used with Switches and Thrusters) and the Illuminator (an item that can light up dark areas).

Finally, this update allows players to befriend a new tiger character named Oscar, as well as unlock three new recipes: Ice Cream, Snowberry Ice Cream, and Spicy Ice Cream. Players will unlock these ice cream recipes if they add Snow to their inventory while a Juicer is present in their world.

In addition to these new features, the Mechanical Mayhem update brings more Lego Styles of existing Fortnite Outfits to Lego Fortnite. If players already own one of the newly supported Fortnite Outfits, they’ll find the Outfit’s matching Lego Style in their in-game Locker. You can view the full list of Outfits that now have matching Lego Styles on Fortnite’s website.

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