Lego Education Released Two New Kits To Help Students Learn STEAM Concepts

Monday, January 4th, 2021 8:56 am

The BricQ Motion kits don't rely on technology or apps.

To kick 2021 off on the right foot, Lego Education has released two new learning kits that were designed to teach students STEAM concepts wherever they may be attending school — whether in the classroom or at home.

The BricQ Motion Essential kit was built for students aged 6+, while the BricQ Motion Prime kit was designed for kids 10+. Both kits will teach kids about forces, motion, and more through sports-themed activities.

These BricQ Motion learning kits include everything students need right inside the box. That is, there’s no need to download a companion mobile app or be near a computer to complete the included activities. However, teachers will need to go to the Lego Education website to download each kit’s lesson plans, view printable worksheets, and more, if they decide to use those resources in their classrooms.

The BricQ Motion Essential building set includes 532 Lego pieces (including replacement pieces), along with two building instruction books that will guide kids through the step-by-step construction of multiple items, such as a basketball hoop and a tight rope walker. The kit offers two curriculum units containing 7-8 lessons each, with a total of 6-10 hours of educational content for each unit.

Meanwhile, the BricQ Motion Prime set comes with 562 Lego pieces (including replacement pieces) and a single building instruction booklet that will let kids construct builds such as a gymnast swinging from a bar and a slope for a skier. BricQ Motion Prime offers one curriculum unit with multiple lessons and a total of 6-10 hours of educational content.

Both of these kits are designed to be used by two students each (that is, two students for each kit). The Lego pieces come already separated in marked bags, and kids can place them into trays using the included stickers to mark each area on the tray. Plus, the trays themselves fit into sturdy storage boxes so everything stays organized in between lessons.

The instruction booklets will be familiar to anyone who has built a “regular” Lego set. They include full-color illustrations of each project and Lego piece, and guide kids (and teachers) through the building process of each project step-by-step.

The BricQ Motion Prime Gymnast Project (Source: Lego Education)

Once a project is built, teachers can use the associated lesson plans to encourage kids to experiment with their builds and ask them questions. For instance, as part of the BricQ Motion Prime set, kids can build a gymnast that swings from a bar that’s attached to a moving platform, or “car” (pictured above). The gymnast is built using weighted bricks, so kids can hypothesize and experiment to see what happens to the platform when they pull the gymnast and let it swing back and forth.

Teachers, meanwhile, can ask students questions from the gymnast lesson plan, such as “Which forces are at work?” and “What pattern did you observe in the movement of the car?” The lesson plans also include the correct answers to these questions.

The BricQ Motion Essential and BricQ Motion Prime learning sets are available now in the U.S. for $99.95 each. They’ll be available to pre-order in other regions in January. Head over to the Lego Education website to learn more.

Disclosure: Lego Education sent SuperParent a BricQ Motion Prime set for coverage purposes.

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