iD Tech Will Host Roblox and Minecraft Workshops for Parents

Thursday, February 11th, 2021 8:25 am

The STEM education company will teach parents about the popular kids' games.

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While we have lots of resources available to browse on your own at any time, parents looking for a more interactive learning experience may want to check out the new workshops being hosted by STEM education company iD Tech (you may remember the company from its Halloween and winter holiday events in Roblox in 2020).

Throughout the month of February, iD Tech will host free workshops aimed at teaching parents about two of the most popular games with kids: Roblox and Minecraft.

The “Roblox 101” and “Minecraft 101” workshops will last approximately one hour each. Half of each workshop will be dedicated to general information about each game, how they’re played (and how parents can play with their kids), safety and security features, tips for parents, and more. The other half of each workshop will be reserved for a Q&A session, so participants can ask any questions they still have about the games.

All of these workshops will be free for parents to join, and they’ll take place over Zoom (a free video chat application). Workshops will be hosted on February 13, February 24, February 25, and February 28. You can view the full schedule of events and sign up on iD Tech’s website.

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